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Amazon Wishlists are outdated.

Are you a creator searching for an evolved way to share your wishes? Dive into the world of Fantram, the platform that's reimagining wishlists for the digital age.

We believe that your wishlist should be as diverse and limitless as your dreams. That's why bridges the gap between creators and fans, making it a unique two-way journey.

Freedom Beyond Borders

Why limit yourself to one platform like Amazon when the internet is filled with countless e-commerce sites, each offering unique treasures? With Fantram, you're not restricted. Add products from any corner of the web, be it Amazon, Etsy, Asos, or that niche boutique you stumbled upon during your virtual travels.

Safety First, Always

We've built with your privacy at its core. Add items to your wishlist and share it with the world without ever revealing your personal address. Fans can shower you with gifts, either as anonymous admirers or as registered users, ensuring that your safety is never compromised.

Monetize Your Wishes

Here's the game-changer - Fantram isn't just a wishlist platform. It's a revenue stream. With our unique feature, you can add a markup to the products. Every time a fan buys you a product, you earn a little extra. It's a win-win, making gifting more rewarding than ever.

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Julias' Wishlist

Gosh I love that tram

Bought By:


I would really like to have that Tram!!!!

Added 1 Hour ago.

100.00EURincludes TAX of: 10.00EUR

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Say Hello to the 'Lyst of Wishes'

Fantram was built to strengthen the connection to your fans by making it easy presenting a personal Wishlist to those.

But Stay Tuned. There is a lot More to Come.

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Add a Wishlist Article

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My Favourite Tram


Hmmm I always wished to have that Tram...

Add a Product to your Wishlist by only Pasting a Link

Wether it is from,, or any other Shop...

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Julias' Wishlist

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Fantram handles the Rest

Fantram will get the associated product data and save the product in your Wishlist.

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Gosh I love that tram

I would really like to have that Tram!!!!

Added 1 Hour ago.

100.00EURincludes TAX of: 10.00EUR

Let your Fans buy these Products for You

Fans can add Articles to their Shopping Carts and Checkout like in any other E-commerce Store. You will get notified and connected.

Now is the time to build your Wishlyst.

Your Wishlyst-Profile will be reachable under

Feel free to choose.

Deepen the Fan-Creator Bond

Fantram is more than a platform; it's a community. When fans purchase items for you, it opens up a channel for genuine interactions. With our real-time chat feature, you can share your gratitude, discuss your passions, and even send photos of you enjoying their gifts. This intimate touch is what sets apart, making it more than just a wishlist service.

Simplified, Streamlined, Spectacular

Craft Your Space - Begin by setting up your unique Wishlyst profile, a space that reflects you. Wish Bigger - Think of any product, grab its link, and add it to your Wishlyst.

We'll handle the backend, pulling in product details and making them shine. Connect and Celebrate - As fans purchase items, engage in authentic chats, and celebrate every gift, big or small.

The Fantram Promise

Every feature on Fantram is meticulously crafted keeping creators and fans in mind. Our goal is to make the process of wishing, gifting, and connecting smooth and joyful. With continuous updates and new features, we're always evolving to serve you better. But, remember, this is just the beginning. There's so much more in store!

Experience the World where Fans Play

The digital age has transformed how we connect, share, and support. Fantram sits at this intersection, offering a fresh, innovative way to engage with fans and monetize your platform. Why stick to the old when the future beckons? Dive in, and redefine what it means to wish.

  • Add any Article to your Wishlist

    Whether it’s from, or any other Store.

  • Build a Connection with Your Fans

    When Fans Buy an Article for You, a Chat Conversation will be created.

  • Chat in Real-Time

    After an article was bought, chat with your Fans and send Photos of the Received Gift.

  • Profit from Your Network

    You can increase the Original Article Price by Percentages and this way make Money with your Fantram Wishlist.

  • Encrypted and Anonymized

    Your Fans can also anonymously buy Your Articles, if They want.

  • Much More coming Soon

    Many new Features will come in soon. In the name of "Social E-Commerce".