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Amazon Wishlists are outdated. Fantram makes it possible to add any product from any e-commerce store to your personal Fantram Wishlyst with ease.

Let your Fans by those products for you - anonymously or as a registered user - without ever sharing your private address.

You can even add an "extra revenue" to the products price - and this way earn money with your Wishlist!

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Julias' Wishlist

Gosh I love that tram

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I would really like to have that Tram!!!!

Added 1 Hour ago.

100.00EURincludes TAX of: 10.00EUR

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Every feature you need to win. Try it for yourself.

Fantram was built to strengthen the connection to your fans by making it easy presenting a personal Wishlist to those.

But stay tuned. There is a lot more to come.

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My Favourite Tram


Hmmm I always wished to have that Tram...

Add a Product to your Wishlist by Only pasting a Link

For every friend you invite to Fantram, you get insider notifications 5 seconds sooner. And it’s 10 seconds if you invite an insider.

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Julias' Wishlist

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Fantram does the rest for you

Fantram will get the associated product data and save the product in your Wishlist.

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Let your Fans buy these products

Fans can add articles to their shopping carts and checkout like in any e-commerce store. You will get notified and connected.

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